Making Sense of the (March) Madness

It’s that time of year again, and it seems as though every news website has some headline about the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.  And if your family is anything like mine, the bracket-making has already begun.  People become so invested in crafting the perfect bracket – making calculations, and second-guessing their decisions.  I have officially completed my bracket, which you can see here.  While my bracket doesn’t particularly reflect any exciting upsets, I’m pretty confident in my choices.  I feel especially sure about selecting Kentucky as the champ, and here’s why.  First of all, they are entering the tournament from an undefeated season.  This is incredibly rare, as the last team to do this was Indiana University, over thirty years ago.  This record obviously places them at the top of the competition, and a sure favorite.

The other number one seeds are Duke, Wisconsin, and Villanova.  However, I believe that the largest threat to Kentucky is Arizona, the number two seed in the West.  They have a better all-around squad, with more NBA potential than the other three number one seeds.  They also have a very experience coach, which could make for an interesting night in Indianapolis if both Arizona and Kentucky make it to the Final Four.  If I had to choose the weakest of the top rated teams, it would without question be Villanova.  Somehow ranked ahead of Duke and Wisconsin, the team has not been playing as the second-best team in the NCAA.  There’s no way.  That being said, it’s very difficult to play your way out of a bad bracket.  Arizona and Wisconsin should be ahead of Villanova, but they aren’t.  This could be a very lucky year for Wildcats; with this given bracket, I don’t think that they will face any trouble making it to the Final Four.

-Charlie Elwart