Musings on NHL Expansion

As my final post in my mini-series on NHL expansion in Las Vegas, I’m going to focus more on financial information.  I don’t think that Las Vegas posts a great potential market for… Continue reading

Lord Stanley Plays Favorites

Who wants to cheer for a team that’s never won a national championship?  It’s intuitive that the more successful a team is, the more fans want to cheer for them.  However, this proves… Continue reading

No One Wants to Play Hockey in the Desert

Las Vegas is an awful place for a pro sports team, especially a National Hockey League team.  As the unofficial world capital of betting, there is a pretty good reason why athletic leagues… Continue reading

B1G Has Fallen and Cannot Get Up

I grew up in B1G Country- my sister went to Wisconsin, my mom went to Iowa.  I always thought that the Big Ten was the dominating athletic conference in the country, in both… Continue reading

NHL Regular Season: Everything is Made up and the Points Don’t Matter

We are in the midst of the Conference Quarterfinals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and there haven’t been any enormous upsets.  Of the four top-seeded teams, two of them – the Ducks and… Continue reading

The Strikeout Era

The 2015 MLB season is officially off to a solid start, and if continuing recent trends, we can expect several changes this season.  Before getting started, I think that it is important to address… Continue reading

Maturity Comes with Experience

The current minimum draft age is 19, meaning that players need to complete one season in college before being eligible to play in the NBA.  This means that players can skate through one… Continue reading

Set Up for an Upset

We are currently in the midst of the Sweet Sixteen round of March Madness, and there have already been several upsets in the past two rounds.  Specifically, the games that caught viewers off-guard… Continue reading

Making Sense of the (March) Madness

It’s that time of year again, and it seems as though every news website has some headline about the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.  And if your family is anything like mine, the bracket-making… Continue reading

Speeding Up and Striking Out

There are new rules introduced in the MLB that are going to be put into effect this season.  All of these rules aim to speed up the play of the game and decrease… Continue reading